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Pratt Digital Exhibits

Student Activism Then & Now

In the year 2020, we are currently looking at a world that is fraught with uncertainty. The world is facing a global pandemic that has made people rethink how they’re going to be able to live their lives in any kind of normal way. In the United States, the presidential election has caused more tension between politicians and voters alike. People all around the United States are engaging in activism, whether it be through physically participating in protests such as Black Lives Matter rallies or virtually participating through online engagement. At educational institutions, students such as ourselves are thinking about what this current climate means for our future endeavors.

But in thinking towards the future, we’re also thinking of the past. This exhibit looks to examine the history of activism at the Pratt Institute and how this relates to trends that are currently taking place. In order to move forward, we want to look at how different initiatives such as community outreach, peace efforts, and the involvement of the Black Student Union have all come together to make the Pratt Institute what it is today.



Amber Colón (Graphic Arts and Social Justice, Preserving Activism Fellow), Nicole Marconi (Graduate Assistant MSLIS) & Miranda Siler (Graduate Assistant MSLIS/MA History of Art and Design)

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