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Strike of 72

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In many ways the Strike of 1972 picked up where the Stikes of 68 and 69 left off. In addition to administrative grievances, this strike really focused on mistreatment of minority students. BSU was an essential player in this strike, often being the group to meet and negotiate with administration. The strike also included other students, and the protesters used a number of tactics to make their voices heard.

The Dekalb statement

This statement from the students explains the reasoning for the strike and offers up a solution. Striking students advocated for a more holistic approach to Pratt’s governance, one that not only included the President and Board, but also students, faculty, and custodial and security workers.

Strike Lives!

This flyer shows an important moment in the strike. In addition to meeting directly with the administration, strikers physically occupied specific buildings in order to create added pressure and ensure a timely solution.

Procedures for Withholding tuition

Another tactic that organizers implemented was that of withholding tuition. This flyer explains to students how they can go about doing this. The strikers made clear that those on financial aid should not be expected to participate in this particular action.

Thrift Hall Takeover

This flyer details an event that took place during the strike. In addition to other actions, the Pratt Puerto Rican Students decided to take over Thrift Hall, where administrative functions like the bursar’s office were held. Without warning, the head of security bashed a window injuring three students and preventing the staff from peacefully exiting the building. Another student was then physically assaulted by the head of security.

Week of May 8 In Review

This overview of events was published in Striker (see Publications) and provided a full detailing of the strike.

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