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Peace Efforts

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There were a number of peace-related efforts that came out of Pratt in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The Vietnam War split the student body and the presence of an ROTC program furthered that divide. Civil Rights were also a part of the conversation as there were many parallels and overlaps between the two movements.

Schedule of Events for International Student Strike

On April 26, 1968, Pratt students participated in an International Student Strike. The day included a number of speeches and activities that centered demanding an end to the war, racism, and the draft.

Student Groups

A number of student groups formed that were related to the efforts to stop the war, including the Student Peace Union and the National Student Association. These groups organized events, released statements, and attempted to work with Pratt’s administration.

Educational Center for peace

By 1970, the Educational Center for Peace had been created at Pratt to promote civic engagement. They had different committees with different goals, such as the Committee on Environmental Awareness and Environmental Quality in the example to the right. They also managed to recreate the official school curriculum for that summer, focusing on peace-related activities.

Examples of activities

The Create for Peace initiative and a free child-care Coop are examples of the types of activities and programs that were associated with the Educational Center for Peace.

Pratt Students Against war

Student groups also coordinated with city-wide and national peace initiatives. In this example, the group Pratt Students Against War organized a Moratorium Day of Learning in conjunction with the National Peace Action Coalition and also participated in a protest in lower Manhattan. They distributed these booklets to ensure that students knew what to do if they were arrested.

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