Urban Renewal

Ryerson Street during demolition of townhouses (1958). Pratt Institute Archives Photograph Collection.

As of March, 2021, new and ongoing research is looking into the impacts of Federal, State and City urban renewal policies on the Pratt campus and surrounding community. What we know so far is that the area surrounding the Pratt campus was subject to redevelopment during the 1950s and 1960s pursuant to a City-sponsored Urban Renewal plan, which also greatly impacted the organization of the campus itself. Maps, photographs, and other material are being analyzed and compiled in order to fully understand the evolution, background, and players involved in this redevelopment which predates, but also coincides, with the Activism era.

Please return to this page in coming weeks to read about our research as new findings come into focus. And if you have information to share, please get in touch with our project team!

  • 1908 Bromley map of area around Pratt campus
View of North Hall under construction, 1958. Pratt Institute Archives Building Image Collection.

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